How to wear bold prints

A starter guide to incorporating prints into your wardrobe...

If the thought of wearing colourful florals and stripes gets your heart rate going, take a deep breath. Bold prints are more wearable than you think. Below are three tips to help you slowly introduce patterns into your closet. You can still wear bold prints and have it be subtle!

Pair with Black and White

The contrast between black and white makes a graphic statement by its self, so adding a bold print on top of that doesn’t feel like that much more of a commitment. A black handbag or hint of white within the pattern itself can help make your look more refined.

Layer It Under a Muted Jacket

Muted tones allow your print to totally steal the spotlight (and somehow not overwhelm you in the process). Try a leather jacket over a patterned top or denim with a floral pattern to break things up.

You're best sticking to one pattered piece and then making sure the rest of your outfit is compiled of plain items.

Opt For Minimal Accessories

We’re talking style and quantity here. Clean white shoes, a matching purse. Otherwise you can style your feature piece with some minimalistic jewellery.

The less accessories the less busy your outfit will feel.

Moral of the story: Don’t overthink bold prints. Wear them minimally (but confidently) and you’ll never be “too much.”