Loungewear worth living in....

Loungewear you can dress up, or dress down.

2020 was the year everyone wore loungewear inside whilst isolating and 2021 is the year they found ways to wear loungewear outside of the home.

It's slowly but surely becoming safe to mingle again and there will definitely be a trend of at-home pieces making their way outdoors. Lounge pants, zip up hoodies — if it's spent significant time on your sofa, you'll want to start thinking about how it can hang in the post-pandemic world.

This year, versatile loungewear has been more important than ever before. In 2021 it’s all about how we can make those same loungewear pieces work for the lives we live outside of the house. The weather is nice right now and we are simply itching to spend less time inside and get out into the real world. Fortunately, there are a few key trends on the rise we can all shop to keep our love for loungewear going!

One of the biggest trends of 2020 was sweatpants, there’s no doubt about that. We actually saw lounge pants bubbling up at the beginning of the year, but as we’ve been shifting into our new lifestyles they’ve become a defining fashion staple in many of our wardrobes.

So, which spring loungewear trends can we expect to see this season?

Funnel tops

Funnel tops are a huge trend this year! Here at Nougat we wanted to put our own take on the plain funnel top by colour blocking in neutral tones. Our Bristol Funnel Top is a big seller and perfect for women of all ages. It has that trendy feel to it but it's not too 'in-your-face'. It's easy to style with your favourite denim jeans or for a more relaxed feel, pair it with the matching lounge pants! Co-ords have been a big trend the past few years, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon!

Bold prints to mix and match

It's quite easy for loungewear to look a little too casual and that's why bold prints that you can incorporate into your outfit are crucial. Take our Bath Leopard Print Top for example. It can be styled with the loungewear as a playful piece or you can treat it as a totally separate piece with trousers, or denim for a nice evening out with the girls.

Additional pieces

We've got the lounge pants, the sweat top, and the fun print but there's something missing... what about when it's cold? And you need just a little something extra to add a bit of practicality to the outfit..maybe something you can wear with anything else in your wardrobe, loungewear or not?

The Bristol Zip Up Hoodie is the perfect piece that can be wore all year round and styled with pretty much anything! Again, going with that neutral colour block to add something different, we think this years loungewear from Nougat has something for everyone.